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XYZ Workshop recently printed this wonderful Angry Birds inspired piggy bank in support of a much worthy charity, the Very Special Kids Charity.
We are helping our good friend Nat raise funds for this very special charity, “The Very Special Kids” Piggy bank appeal.
Watch their family story at:
Nat’s son, Archie was born with a rare genetic condition and was diagnosed with inoperable tumor when he was just five years old.
Sadly for parents Carley and Nathanael Preston, Archie was unwell from the day he was born. But it was the second diagnosis a number of years later that further added to the family’s already challenging circumstances.
Cleo is Archie’s little sister and unlike most young girls, Cleo worries about her brother going to heaven. She is helping raise money for Very Special Kids in this Cleo’s Campaign
The Preston’s and many other families in similar difficult situations get much needed help from the Very Special Kids program, who lighten the load by providing access to respite care at their unique facility.
Please help support this program by giving a donation on the official Piggy Bank appeal website –
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